December 5, 2020
Which Laser Hair Removal Treatment Is Best for Your Skin Type?

Perhaps you’ve been shaving, plucking, waxing, or a combination of any of those methods to get rid of unwanted body hair for years. And you are probably noticing their adverse effects over time—including bumpy skin, discolouration, and sensitivity on the spots where they are done repeatedly. It is time for a better solution. Why not try laser treatment in Toronto? Professional laser hair removal in North York will end all of your shavings, plucking, and waxing woes, as it has the potential to provide longer-lasting results.

But before you begin with any laser treatment for hair removal, it pays to do a little research. Some of the important things you need to know are the types of lasers used for the process, as well as their possible effects on your skin. Remember that not every laser for hair removal in Toronto may be best for your skin type.

How skin types are categorized for laser hair removal
The Fitzpatrick scale categorizes skin types into 6 types. It is used as a reference to identify how easily a skin could get sunburned. Type 1 is the lightest skin, which does not tan and can burn to Type 6, which is very dark and never burns.

With that in mind, it is best to look for the best laser hair removal in Toronto that offers a wide range of laser products for every skin type. Reputable laser hair removal services can assess your skin and determine the best laser to use for your treatment. They can also help you understand how certain lasers can be good for your skin. Remember that the goal of hair removal in Toronto is to provide an effective and safe procedure that can help you achieve your hair-free goals.

Which skin type are you?
Heredity and ethnicity are two major factors that determine your skin type. Melanin gives colour to skin, and some individuals may have more of it than others. Your skin type has to be determined before you undergo any full body laser hair removal treatment in Toronto because not all lasers will work on all skin types. Here is an overview of the types so you can get an idea where you belong:

  • Type 1 – Usually people with red or blonde hair, very fair, with freckles. You are unable to tan without burning, and you tend to burn easily.
  • Type 2 – Fair with red or sandy hair. Skin sunburns easily and can tan.
  • Type 3 – Tans easily but will still sunburn, although slowly. Usually with brown, sandy, or fair hair.
  • Type 4 – Tans easily but slowly gets sunburned. A typical skin type on people of Asian, Middle Eastern, or Hispanic descent.
  • Type 5 – Brownish skin that rarely burns, but tans easily.
  • Type 6 – Black or dark brown skin that can darken under intense sunlight exposure, but sunburn is rare.

What lasers are safe?
These days, only three Class IV medical lasers are approved for full body laser hair removal in Toronto.  These are Alexandrite, YAG, and diode. Some providers of laser hair removal in North York may offer IPL, which is not necessarily a laser, so it is the least effective when your goal is permanent hair removal.

IPL generates a broad spectrum of wavelengths similar to a light bulb, so it cannot provide a focused or concentrated beam. Given the various wavelengths produced at different depths, not all will work for hair removal. At the very least, IPL could only provide effective hair reduction laser treatment in Toronto due to its shallow penetration compared to other specialized lasers, which can take care of thicker and deeper hairs.

Here is an overview of the other lasers used in laser treatment for hair removal:
Alexandrite – Alexandrite crystal that is used for laser hair removal in Toronto generates a specific light wavelength considered as ‘red-light’. The laser penetrates the skin at 755 nanometers, making it ideal for skin types 1 to 4. It is not recommended for Types 5 and 6, or for dark skin.

  • Diode – When used in laser treatment in Toronto, the diode emits a highly concentrated beam of light that is properly absorbed by the hair follicles’ pigment. The laser should pulse in a fraction of a second, which should be enough time to heat the hair and prevent the follicle to regrow. Diode lasers are proven effective on many hair colours, so they can effectively remove hair from almost every skin type.
  • ND: YAG – The best laser hair removal service in Toronto uses YAG, a long-pulsed laser that can penetrate the skin at 1064 nanometers. Due to its physical properties, it can penetrate much deeper than Alexandrite and Diode. As a result, it goes beyond the skin’s upper layers where higher amounts of melanin may be present, making it ideal for full body laser hair removal in Toronto for individuals with very thick and coarse hair and is the best for darker skin types.
  • ND: YAG is considered the gold standard for hair removal in Toronto. Reputable laser hair removal clinics in North York provide this cutting-edge treatment using the GentleMAX laser, a dual-wavelength laser that combines 755-nanometer Alexandrite with a 1064-nanometer Nd: YAG laser to ensure effective hair removal for all skin types.

Some clinics also provide YAG laser treatment in Toronto with a Dynamic Cooling Device to ensure comfort during the procedure. The device prepares your skin for the laser by providing temporary cooling before the laser pulse is delivered. This way, discomfort can be eliminated, especially if it is your first time experience at undergoing a laser treatment for hair removal.

A reminder
Laser treatment in Toronto will not completely remove your hair instantly. It should take around two to three weeks before you notice the results. Hair growth may continue for a few more weeks after your hair removal in Toronto before shedding occurs. Even the most advanced lasers will target the hair in the anagen or active growth phase. That is why most people would require several treatments to achieve optimum results.