November 15, 2020
The Main Benefits of Nail Fungus Treatment

Toenail fungus laser treatment is an unconventional way to treat unsightly and smelly fungal nails—a condition called onychomycosis. It’s a fairly new mode of treatment in a world where the standard approach is to take anti-fungal tablets or apply topical antifungal creams. Thus, many are wondering if this new treatment is really effective and if it’s worth trying.

How it works
Toenail fungus laser treatment is effective because the heat penetrates the nail bed where the fungus is present to destroy it and stop it from growing. This way, you can grow clear, healthy nails again.

Take note, however, that most patients will need several toenail fungus laser treatments to get the best results. Doctors also recommend treating all the nails, including those that are not infected, to prevent onychomycosis from coming back. Another thing that you should keep in mind is that this treatment is not totally painless; you will feel a warming sensation that is tolerable. That said, you will be able to function normally right after your session.

Benefits of nail fungus treatment

Quick procedure and results
Each laser session only lasts about 30 minutes. Noticeable improvements can be seen within several weeks, and it will only take six to 12 months to help with the problem.

High cure rate
Success is not guaranteed for everyone. But one study revealed that laser treatment for toenail fungus has a 61% success rate at 16 weeks. In another study, the same treatment showed a 91% clinical improvement and a 30% success rate at 180 days.

Prevents fungi from coming back
Aside from destroying the fungi, the laser can also prevent fungal growth in the future. That’s because the heat from the lasers has a sterilizing effect.

Effective and safe
Topical treatments are generally safe, but they are not very effective in curing toenail fungus. Meanwhile, antifungal tablets have side effects. Laser treatment is better because it is both effective and safe.