December 29, 2022
Does At Home Laser Hair Removal Work?

Many people across the world have confessed that they’d cut any corner to avoid shaving regularly, especially during the winter. “It’s really annoying, time-consuming, and feels even more irritating after shaving is done,” say people. Following this, laser hair removal is gaining popularity, but when it comes to laser hair removal, there are again multiple options available on the market; you can either choose to go to a certified clinic for laser hair removal treatment or simply get a device for in-home laser hair removal.

While most of the manufacturing companies mention that the in-home devices are great, claiming that they can help get the results of in-office procedures home for a much cheaper price, can you actually trust them? Since these devices don’t come with a commitment, many people get concerns on their minds like “Does at-home laser hair removal work?” In this blog, we’ll discuss everything about this topic in detail. So, let’s begin.

How does at-home laser hair removal work?

These devices are equipped with advanced laser technology, allowing people to get hair-free skin without undergoing other costly and painful treatment options. While this is not as effective as in-clinic laser hair removal, but surely it can deliver satisfactory results that seem great for the money you spend; yes these at-home laser hair removal devices are relatively cheaper than the in-clinic treatment cost.

Talking about the process of the at-home laser hair removal technology, it works just like the laser hair removal that you will get at the clinic. It works by killing the hair follicle. But you cannot get silky-smooth skin in just one go as it will kill the only hairs that are in an active phase of growth. This is the reason that multiple sessions may be required for laser hair removal, even when you are doing it at home. And it is mandatory to wait for some time, probably a month or two before trying another session.

At-home laser hair removal: Pros and cons

Something that not many people know about these at-home laser hair removal devices is that there are particularly two types of devices available for hair removal; true laser and intense pulsed light. Of course, both of these devices are aimed to help remove hair naturally, but it is important to understand that they are not as effective as you can find at the dermatologist’s office. It clearly means that the results you can get with an in-clinic laser hair removal treatment are going to be much better and more satisfactory than the at-home laser hair removal. However a good thing here is that these devices are safe for everyone, even amateurs can use them easily at home, so you don’t have to worry about singeing yourself in the name of smooth skin. And there is no certification required to start using these devices. Simply watch some YouTube videos and you can start using them.


Wide range of devices available – You can simply search online for laser hair removal devices and you can find many options that also fit your budget, which will be nearly 10 times less than the cost suggested by your dermatologist for in-clinic laser hair removal.

More comfort & time-saving – With the in-home laser hair removal devices, there is no need to visit a clinic for a laser treatment session as you can do it at home, at your convenience. It also saves a lot of the time that you’d need to spend waiting for your turn. You can get the session done at home, even after you had dinner and are ready to sleep.

No undressing in the clinic – If you are uncomfortable getting undressed in a clinic for your laser hair removal treatment, then opting for at-home devices can be the right choice as you can lock yourself inside a room and then do the session without any hassle.

The cost is less – The best part about at-home laser hair removal is that these devices are much cheaper than what you would have to spend on an in-clinic laser hair removal treatment session. Experts claim that the at-home devices are around 10 times cheaper than the in-clinic sessions.


Less effective – One of the most important drawbacks of these at-home laser hair removal treatment options is that these devices are not as effective and powerful as the technology you can find at a clinic. This means the results are going to be much slower.

Need maintenance – These at-home laser hair removal devices are not for professional use, which means they can be used only for a certain amount of time. After this time, you are going to need to replace their cartridges, which can be very costly.

Small head – Another very common drawback of using these at-home laser hair removal devices is that they come with a very small treatment head, which means multiple sessions may be required and each of the sessions is going to take more time.

Painful treatment – There is a reason that most people opt for laser hair removal treatment; it’s pain-free, but this cannot be said when it comes to at-home laser hair removal devices. These devices can span between the mildly uncomfortable to the outright painful, especially when it is used in delicate areas such as the bikini area and facial region.

Final Words

So, now we again come to the same question “Does At Home Laser Hair Removal Work?” The answer is both ‘Yes and No’ because it is the perfect choice for those who have enough time to spend on hair removal sessions and do not want to spend amount of money on in-clinic laser hair removal treatment sessions. At the same time, while it can deliver outstanding results for many people, it is less than normally effective for others, depending on the hair density and skin type or skin color.

So make your choice accordingly for the suitable laser hair removal treatment.