December 1, 2022
How Many Laser Hair Removal Sessions Do You Need

As specialists in laser hair removal treatment, the most frequently asked questions we get asked are, “How many laser hair removal sessions do you need?” and “Does laser hair removal hurt?” Many people even would ask if laser hair removal is even effective? Well, we love to get questions from different people as this shows their curiosity about the treatment, and hence in this blog, we would like to provide a detailed answer to the first one; “How many laser hair removal sessions do you need?”

While there is no particular answer available to this question, it is important to understand the whole process in detail. The number of sessions required for one person may be different from what is suggested to others. The reason here is that there are many factors that play a vital role in defining the number of sessions required for laser hair removal. So let’s dive deep into this topic.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

The most common reason why people have doubts about the long-lasting results of laser hair removal treatment is the sheer amount of energy that laser hair removal devices emit. The high-heat laser beam attacks the human hair follicles in the treatment to reduce hair growth and eliminate it in the long run. Regardless of the number of laser hair removal sessions you need, the laser device works with a singular purpose; to heat hair follicles and destroy them.

The point here is that laser hair removal treatment directly attacks the hair follicles, which makes the results last longer compared to the other hair removal methods like waxing, shaving, tweezing, and threading.

According to specialists in the field, laser hair removal technology is capable of working and delivering effective results on various body parts like

  • Back
  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Shoulders
  • Bikini area
  • Face (excluding the area around the eyes)
  • Legs

What type of lasers do medical aestheticians use?

This is something that not every individual knows, but there are different types of laser devices used by specialists in the industry. Hence, you have to do some due diligence to do on your part. Search for the clinics that use advanced laser tech so you can get the maximum number of hairs removed in each session, reducing your time to achieve results. Your choice of device will decide whether or not your laser hair removal results will last longer while allowing you to get maximum results in less time. For example, GentleMax Pro is arguably the most effective technology available that allows us to deliver effective laser hair removal by working with dual-wavelength tech. This device works with two different laser beams, which target unwanted hair. The result? You get the treatment that is faster and doubly effective!

How many laser hair removal sessions do you need?

Now the question here is how many sessions you are going to need for a complete laser hair removal treatment. According to specialists in the field, over 6-9 treatments are required for an individual to achieve optimum hair reduction with laser therapy. This is why most medical spas offer an 8-session treatment package with the possibility of -4 follow-up sessions.

Just like other methods of hair removal, the results of laser hair removal treatment are also dependent on various factors as well as the uniqueness of the individual’s body. The following are a few factors that affect the number of sessions required for laser hair removal:

Your Body – One of the most-effective reasons for determining the number of sessions required for laser hair removal treatment is the body of an individual. Every individual’s hairs grow at a different rate compared to others. This is the reason that the number of laser hair removal sessions you need will also differ from that of your neighbor. Your hormones also play a vital role in your hair growth. So, if your hair grows rapidly, you’ll likely need more appointments with a medical aesthetician. Some people may be required to undergo more than 8 sessions, depending on their hair growth rate.

The treatment area – Just like the hair growth rate plays a vital role in the number of sessions required, the area you want to cover with laser hair removal also affects the sessions. Just like you would need to spend more time on bleaching wider skin areas, laser hair removal on wider body parts also takes more than the smaller ones. For example, laser hair removal on your bikini area will require only 4-6 sessions. On the other hand, you may require 6-9 treatment sessions for your back or chest.

Hair growth cycles – When you plan to get treatment for laser hair removal, the specialist will try to schedule your laser hair removal sessions in line with your hair’s growth stage. The reason here is that not all hair is targeted in each session. There are four different stages of the hair growth cycle; Anagen, Catagen, Telogen, and Exogen. Since laser hair removal devices only target the hair that is in ‘Anagen’ stage, it becomes important to conduct more and more sessions to get the best results from your investments in laser hair removal treatment. This is why specialists will try to schedule sessions to eliminate more and more hairs that are in the Anagen stage. Sometimes, it can take up to 8 treatments to achieve this level of coverage.

Final Words

From the information mentioned above, it is indeed clear that the laser hair removal results last longer with a few touch-up sessions, but the number of sessions required for each treatment may largely depend on various factors. Before making any decision it is important to discuss with a specialist so you can have a good idea about the number of sessions required. The professional will gauge your hair’s growth cycle as well as other factors to suggest you the best pricing for the treatment. Make sure to search for a trusted and certified laser hair removal clinic for maximum positive results.