December 11, 2020
Why You Should Consider PRP Treatment for Hair Loss

It is natural to lose a bit of hair every day. In fact, most people tend to shed 50 to 100 strands of hair daily. However, if you start to notice too much hair loss that results in bald spots and a thinner mane then it could be a cause for worry and it may even impact your self-esteem. In that case, it is best to seek professional help and discover the cause. Your doctor may even recommend PRP treatment for hair loss to restore the hairs you have lost and provide your scalp with healthier hair regrowth.

PRP stands for ‘platelet-rich plasma’ and, it is one of the therapies used to encourage hair regrowth for individuals who may be experiencing thinning hair or hair loss caused by age, genetics, illness, or medications. It may be best to consider it for treatment of hair loss as soon as you can instead of experimenting on different hair growth products, which could be expensive and possibly ineffective. That way, you can avoid wasting money and time, and avoid the stress that could cause you to lose more hair.

Reputable clinics and doctors offer PRP treatment for hair loss based on your unique condition. A specialist will personally assess your situation and deliver the right treatment that is suitable for your condition. They may mix and match PRP treatment with other methods, such as low-level laser therapy and mesotherapy to ensure the best results.

How it’s done
PRP treatment is currently one of the cutting-edge solutions for hair loss in men and women. It uses the platelets from your blood, and they are treated to separate the PRP. It is rich in protein and growth factors needed to rejuvenate your scalp and encourage hair growth.

PRP treatment for hair loss involves micro-needling to deliver the PRP deeper into the scalp. Micro-needling also activates the body’s natural healing response to encourage blood flow to your scalp and nourish the roots for hair regrowth.