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Oakville Laser Hair Removal

The best laser hair removal services in Oakville at Distill Laser Clinic. We’ve been around for almost two decades and offer different treatments in the Oakville area. Want to get rid of those unwanted hairs? Your search ends here! Our Oakville laser clinic has all the latest technology so that we can offer unparalleled service at fantastic prices. This is the place to go and feel like a new person! Please schedule an appointment with our laser hair removal professionals and enjoy a 5-star treatment at Distill Laser Clinic in Oakville, Ontario.

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Palvasha Durrani

Distill Laser Clinic is a remarkable facility that provides top-notch services. I’ve visited a lot of laser clinics over the years, but Distill offers the greatest and most efficient laser care.
I heartily urge anyone considering laser hair removal to check out Distill. I’m SO pleased with my results and will definitely be returning to try out other treatments !

Stephanie Gagliardi

I have tried different laser clinics in Toronto and no one comes close to Distill! I have been going since July 2022 and have seen incredible results. Simal and the entire team are so welcoming, kind and very professional.
The clinic is highly sanitized and extremely clean. Their pricing cannot be beat!

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The best laser hair removal services in Oakville, Ontario by Distill Laser Clinic. We’ve been around for almost two decades and offer all different types of treatments. Want to get rid of those unwanted hairs? Your search ends here! Our Oakville laser clinic has all the latest technology, which means we can offer you unparalleled service. This is the place to go if you want to feel like a new person!


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Our Oakville Clinical Team

Meet Swaleen

Swaleen has over 15 years of experience in laser treatments and medical cosmetic industry. She’s previously worked as a clinic manager in Toronto, Barbados, and New York. Now she brings her expertise to North York.

Meet Dr. Sarwat Ibrahim

Dr. Ibrahim is the medical director of dermal fillers and Anti-Wrinkle injections, specializing in anti-aging treatments. He is the medical director of Distill. Dr. Ibrahim works alongside the clinical team to ensure each patient receives the highest quality of treatment.
Our clinical team puts an emphasis on the privacy and safety of every client.

We make sure each patient’s visit our clinics is a positive experience from beginning to end. We start each visit by learning more about your beauty goals, then matching you to the treatments that are right for your skin tone and hair type.

Our trained staff will put you at ease and ensure your comfort throughout the procedure.
Before you leave, you’ll have everything you need to provide the right at-home care for your skin to maintain and improve results.
Our team is available to answer any questions you have at any time, too.



Man or a woman, you’ve certainly thought more than once about the discomfort of eliminating undesirable body or facial hair. Shaving your face or legs can be time-consuming and costly, and we’ve all experienced the discomfort a razor can cause. And when attempting alternative procedures, such as depilatory lotions or waxing, one may experience skin irritation or pain. All that, and the hair will soon begin to grow back. By scheduling a series of laser hair removal treatments, which will progressively stop hair from growing in these specific places, one can wave goodbye to the inconvenience. This technique is based on the fact that melanin or pigment, present in hair follicles attracts and absorbs light. The hair follicle is destroyed by laser treatment, and it loses its ability to produce new hair over time. Depending on the surface area being treated and the density and coarseness of the hair growing there, each session might last anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours. During treatments, a laser is steered over the area of interest. Before, during, and after treatment, the skin is chilled to reduce discomfort and avoid cell damage. Because laser hair removal is permanent, you will no longer need to waste time and money on shaving and other temporary hair removal treatments. It may require a touch-up appointment no more than once per year.
Hair colour versus complexion. Historically, laser hair removal has been effective when there is a contrast between skin tone and hair colour and when the hair is darker. It functions by targeting the melanin found in both hair and skin. Therefore, individuals with darker skin tones were susceptible to cell injury in the epidermis around the hair follicle. However, modern laser technology enables safe laser hair removal on individuals with dark skin by employing less strong wavelengths that do not cause skin harm. The entire process is performed more gradually for patients with darker skin tones, with longer intervals between appointments. Hair colour. The pigment eumelanin gives brown and black hair its colour, and it responds strongly to laser. In contrast, red and blonde hair, which includes pheomelanin, is not receptive to laser hair removal and is therefore unsuitable for treatment. Grey hair lacks colour and hence is also unsuitable. Patients with red, blonde, or grey hair are encouraged to visit our office so we can explore alternate hair removal treatments. The part of the body being targeted. Laser hair removal is effective on nearly every area of the body. Men typically focus on the chest, back, and shoulders. Women utilize it on their arms, legs, underarms, bikini region, and face. It is not recommended to use laser hair removal on the inside of the nose, the ears, or to shape the eyebrows. Because tattoos are made by inserting pigment into the skin, laser hair removal can harm the skin cells and affect the appearance of the tattoo. Some individuals who attempted laser hair removal on a tattooed area reported scorching, discomfort, and infection. Therefore, we do not advise laser hair removal on tattooed skin. Skin sensitivity. You are not automatically disqualified from laser hair removal procedures if you have sensitive skin. However, we recommend conducting a patch test to evaluate how the skin will react. In other instances, we may employ a more progressive, prolonged therapy method.

Laser hair removal is a minor risk of skin cell damage, especially in persons whose skin tone matches their hair colour. Nonetheless, this risk is minimized in several ways:

1. We never begin a treatment without doing a comprehensive assessment that includes a review of skin and hair type, the desired results, and any relevant medical problems.

2. For some patients, we employ a wavelength that poses a lower risk to the skin’s surface.

3. In certain situations, we will space out treatments over a longer length of time.

4. The skin is cooled before, during, and after each treatment. This not only reduces soreness but also prevents skin damage.

In general, laser hair removal is painless, however, some areas of the body are more sensitive than others. For instance, the bikini region may be more susceptible to discomfort than the arms or legs. After treatment, numbing lotions can be administered to these locations. Shaving the region before the session may also be beneficial. Although hair must be present in the follicles for the therapy to be effective, shorter hair may make the operation more comfortable. As laser hair removal is a non-surgical, minimally painful process, neither anesthesia nor pain medication are required. Consequently, the likelihood of medical issues is minimal. One can endure slight pain, such as itching or burning, at most. Patients with extremely sensitive skin can receive a topical anesthetic. As with any operation, it is essential to adhere to the specified post-treatment care guidelines. Instructions for general care include the following:

Reduce your sun exposure. Protect the skin with loose clothing and/or sunscreen if exposure is unavoidable. Protect the skin with loose clothing and/or sunscreen if exposure is unavoidable.

Avoid having fresh tattoos on the treated region for several weeks after the last treatment has been administered.

Avoid using lotions and other skincare products that could make the skin more sensitive. Additionally, some textiles and washing detergents might exacerbate skin irritation.

What equipment do we use? Distill Laser Clinic uses cutting-edge GentleMAX laser. This is a dual-wavelength laser, combining a 755 nm Alexandrite laser with a 1064 nm Nd: YAG laser. The combined power of these lasers means more effective hair removal treatments for our patients. The laser is safe for all skin types, too, giving more people access to laser hair removal options than ever before.

We also use a Dynamic Cooling Device™ to make the treatment more comfortable for patients. This device prepares the skin for treatment by temporarily cooling it right before the laser pulse. This can help eliminate some discomfort patients may experience, especially on their first visit.

If you have questions about any of the technology used for laser hair removal in North York clinic, get in touch with our team today. You can also schedule a consultation appointment to learn whether laser hair removal is an effective option for you.

Can you imagine being hair-free and never having to worry about plucking, shaving, or waxing anymore? That is possible with Distill Laser Clinic. Laser hair removal in Toronto is one of our specialties and we use only the state-of-the-art technologies and methods to eliminate or at least reduce hair growth on your body. We are also known for effective laser hair removal in North York, whether you require treatment on your arms, legs, face, back, and other areas of your body.

Our status as one of the best laser hair removal clinics in Toronto is attributed to our 20+ years of experience in what we do. We have an in-house team of nurses and technicians who are certified and trained to use top-tier lasers, making them capable of targeting hair on any skin type, even in the most delicate areas. So, if you want hair-free and smoother skin, it is time you book an appointment with Distill Laser Clinic for a complimentary consultation.

Unfortunately, laser hair removal is not suitable for everyone. If a patient has tattoos in the treatment area or if the hair colour is incompatible with laser hair removal, we will recommend an alternative approach. Electrolysis, which has been commercially available for over 20 years, is a viable alternative approach. Electric shocks must be administered to each hair follicle, which is a tedious and time-consuming process. Although it is clearly less convenient than laser hair removal, electrolysis can be performed on any hair colour, over tattooed skin, and in places of the body where laser hair removal is not advised.

Prior to beginning treatment, we encourage all patients to come in for a consultation so that we can examine your needs and establish if laser hair removal is best for you.

Stock up on razor blades. In order for laser hair removal to be effective, the hair must contain pigment. When we utilize epilating hair removal methods, such as waxing or plucking, our hair is automatically thinned and lightened, reducing the efficacy of the laser therapy. Patients are encouraged to shave for *several weeks prior to their first treatment and in between sessions.

Avoid products that irritate the skin. Laser hair removal may cause discomfort and irritation of the skin. By avoiding products containing chemicals such as retinol and hydroquinone, you can maximize results and decrease pain.

The price of laser hair removal varies on a number of variables, most significantly the size of the treated region. Although benefits are typically seen after the first session, the majority of patients require six to ten treatments to get permanent results. Some people may require additional therapies. Menopausal and perimenopausal women, as well as those taking hormone therapy or suffering from hormonal imbalances, may experience this. We provide “Results Guaranteed” package choices that provide as many sessions as necessary over a twenty-four month period.

Although there are other clinics in Toronto that offer laser hair removal, Distill Laser Clinic stands apart for a number of reasons. Here are a few reasons why you should choose us:

The health and safety of our patients is our highest priority. We will promote a number of sessions before concluding that this is the best course of action.

If our evaluation finds that a patient is not a feasible candidate for laser hair removal, we will investigate alternate treatments.

Our employees are highly trained, certified, and have years of expertise.

*We utilize state-of-the-art technology that is ideal for a wide range of skin and hair types.

Our services do not finish at the conclusion of the last session. We constantly encourage patients to contact us with questions or concerns and to schedule any touch-up visits.

*We are confident in our promises and provide a * Money-Back Guarantee if our patients do not achieve the outcomes we promise.

Although we offer treatments at extremely cheap prices, we recognize that not everyone can pay for a series of treatments in advance. Our patients may fund their treatments for up to 36 months.

With two sites in the Greater Toronto Area, we are easily accessible.

Our services correspond to Health Canada’s stringent health and safety regulations because they are administered under the supervision of competent medical professionals.

We do not expect you to take us at our word. We are confident that you will choose Distill Laser Clinic as your laser hair removal provider once you have completed your research and shopped around.

For more information about Distill Laser Clinic, the leading supplier of laser hair removal in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, and to schedule a consultation, please call us now.

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