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Full Body Laser Hair Removal

FDA and Health Canada-approved laser technology and medical-grade product at our Distill clinic

    Full Body Laser Hair Removal

    Aesthetic trends may evolve over time, but there is one constant that has stood the test of time: the desire for smooth skin. While ideals of body shape, brow shapes, and facial contours may change, the pursuit of smooth and flawless skin remains timeless. For centuries, people have sought after this enduring aesthetic trend, recognizing the beauty and appeal of a silky, hair-free complexion.

    Why Distill Laser Clinic?

    Who it’s for

    Expereince the exceptional benefits of full-body laser hair removal with the advanced Candela GentlMax Pro and Clarity II technologies. Unlike other lasers, the Candela GentlMax Pro and Clarity II delivers a focused and precise light force, targeting the root of each hair follicle with remarkable effectiveness. Its unique design ensures that the energy remains concentrated with dispersion once pulsed.  In contrast to technologies like IPL, which operates at a polychromatic level and scatter light energy, the Candela and Clarity II provide a more profound and thorough treatment. This makes it particularly effective for individuals dealing with stubborn hair growth caused by conditions such as PCOS, hormonal changes, or medication-induced hair growth.

    What is more, laser hair removal offers additional benefits that many consumers may not be aware of. It can contribute to skin lightening, minimize pre-size and provide an overall exfoliating effect. So, not only will you achieve smooth, hair-free skin, but you will also enjoy the bonus of improved skin tone, texture and appearance. 

    Laser Hair Removal Is All We Do

    When you want the best results, you choose a specialist. Unlike most medspas that offer laser hair removal as just one of the dozens of services, at Distill Laser Clinic, we focus on just one thing and being the best at it – painless, permanent hair removal.

    At our Toronto and Oakville locations, men and women with any skin type and hair colour can receive permanent laser hair removal treatments. Both clinics offer the highest technology, medical care, and the most experienced technicians in Canada to meet all of your permanent laser hair removal needs.

    Before & After Laser Hair Removal Photos

    Check out the before and after results from the range of treatments at our Toronto Laser Hair Removal Clinic provides.
    We provide customized treatments to every customer, ensuring the desired results.

    How Much Does Full Body Laser Hair Removal Cost?

    Pricing Starts from Session time Sesssion Needed Recovery time
    $55- $499 30 to 60 minutes 8-10 sessions First Few Hours

    See what our customers say about us..

    Palvasha Durrani

    Distill Laser Clinic is a remarkable facility that provides top-notch services. I’ve visited a lot of laser clinics over the years, but Distill offers the greatest and most efficient laser care.
    I heartily urge anyone considering laser hair removal to check out Distill. I’m SO pleased with my results and will definitely be returning to try out other treatments !

    Stephanie Gagliardi

    I have tried different laser clinics in Toronto and no one comes close to Distill! I have been going since July 2022 and have seen incredible results. Simal and the entire team are so welcoming, kind and very professional.
    The clinic is highly sanitized and extremely clean. Their pricing cannot be beat!

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    169 reviews

    How our Laser Hair Removal Service Works?

    1. Contact Us

    Contact us to arrange a phone consultation for your laser hair removal needs. We’ll go over the details, answer any questions you have about the procedure, and schedule an in-person consultation to provide you with an estimate of the costs and time involved.

    2. We Will Get in Touch

    The consultation is free and will only take 30 minutes. You’ll be able to tell us about your goals and what you’re looking to have done, and we’ll tell you what you can expect.

    3. Enjoy Your Treatment

    Experience the Finest and best laser hair removal with gold standard technology.

    Our Toronto Laser Hair Clinical Team

    Meet Swaleen

    Swaleen has over 15 years of experience in laser hair removal treatments and medical cosmetic industry. She’s previously worked as a clinic manager in Toronto, Barbados, and New York. Now she brings her expertise to North York.

    Meet Dr. Sarwat Ibrahim

    Dr. Ibrahim is the medical director of dermal fillers and Anti-Wrinkle injections, specializing in anti-aging treatments. He is the medical director of Distill. Dr. Ibrahim works alongside the clinical team to ensure each patient receives the highest quality of treatment.

    Our Toronto Laser Hair Removal clinical team puts an emphasis on the privacy and safety of every client.

    We make sure each patient’s visit to our Finch Avenue clinic is a positive experience from beginning to end. We start each visit by learning more about your beauty goals, then matching you to the treatments that are right for your skin tone and hair type.
    Our trained staff will put you at ease and ensure your comfort throughout the procedure.
    Before you leave, you’ll have everything you need to provide the right at-home care for your skin to maintain and improve results.
    Our team is available to answer any questions you have at any time, too.

    Discover Toronto's
    State-of-the-Art Laser Clinic

    Distill Laser Clinic uses FDA and Health Canada approved technology and medical-grade product. 

    With over 20 plus years in business we offer, our staff is trained to handle all skin types with our Gold standard laser technology for laser hair removal.

    Located inside university heights the new state of the art medical building with underground parking perfect for privacy. We strive to produce the best customer service.

    Full Body Laser Hair Removal FAQ

    The number of sessions required for full body laser hair removal can vary, but most individuals typically need between six to eight sessions for optimal results. Sessions are typically spaced four to six weeks apart to target hair follicles in different growth cycles. It’s important to consult with a qualified practitioner to determine the specific number of sessions needed for your individual case.

    Full-body laser hair removal can provide long-lasting results and significant hair reduction. While it is considered a permanent hair reduction method, it’s important to note that some hair regrowth may occur over time. However, the regrowth is often lighter, finer, and less noticeable than before the treatment. Maintenance sessions may be required to sustain the desired results.

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