Microneedling For Acne Scars Treatment

Microneedling For Acne Scars Treatment
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Non-Invasive Rejuvenation Treatment

Microneedling for acne scars Treatment in Toronto

Discover a non-invasive rejuvenation treatment for your skin. Distill Laser Clinic offers microneedling for acne scars treatments to patients in the Toronto area. In our private facility, experienced technician/nurse safely administer the microneedling device. Using tiny needles, our professional team punctures the surface of the skin. This allows the needles to deeply penetrate the skin with serums or PRP. This makes the treatment more effective than ever before. Microneedling also stimulates your skin’s natural healing response. This increases blood flow and collagen production within the treated areas. The result is a healthy, more youthful-looking appearance.


Microneedling for acne scars is suitable for both men and women and works for all skin types. Want to see what microneedling could do for your skin? Book a free consultation appointment with the Distill Laser Clinic team today.

Before the microneedling for acne scars  treatment begins, a numbing cream will be applied to the treated area. This will help ease any discomfort you might feel from the microneedling procedure. Once your skin is numb the treatment will begin the entire treatment takes about 1 hour. During your appointment, your skin may bleed slightly from the needles piercing the surface. Your technician/nurse will clean up any traces of blood from your skin before you leave. They will also make sure you understand what aftercare you’ll need for your skin as well as recommend further treatment options.

Microneedling for acne scars works by piercing the surface of the skin with many tiny needles at once. Those needles then distribute serums or platelet-rich plasma underneath the surface of the skin. By applying products in this way, they can bypass the protective outer layer of the skin. Below that, the products can be more effective and provide greater benefits to the patient.


Microneedling also helps to heal the skin by stimulating the body’s natural wound-healing response. The tiny punctures send signals to the body to increase blood flow in the area. It will also help to stimulate new collagen growth. This natural healing response will make the skin firmer over time while also smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. Microneedling can be an effective treatment for acne treatment in Toronto, and it can treat other problems like sun damage, enlarged pores, and stretch marks, too.

Microneedling, is a non-invasive, non-surgical go-to treatment for women and men of all ages and skin variations. Microneedling can specially target aging, wrinkles and acne scars.


Distill Laser Clinic offers safe and effective microneedling for acne scars in our private facility. Our in-house team of nurses and technicians are certified and trained to use a state-of-the-art microneedling device to deliver the platelet rich plasma (PRP) or serum on to your skin.


Microneedling works by encouraging your skin to make more collagen. The idea is that pinpricks from the procedure cause slight injury to the skin and that the skin responds by making new collagen-rich tissue. This new skin tissue is, in turn, more even in tone and textureIt is an effective anti-aging and acne scarring treatment in Toronto that leads to healthier and youthful looking skin.

Distill Laser Clinic’s microneedling treatment is suitable for everyone, regardless of your skin type. Here’s what you can expect in your appointment:


  • A one-on-one consultation with one of our experts to determine if microneedling is the best treatment for your condition.
  • If microneedling is best for you, numbing cream will be used on the area to be treated to ease any discomfort you may experience during the procedure.
  • Treatment begins when your skin is numb, and the duration is about one hour.
  • Mild redness and slight bleeding is to be expected, but it will be cleaned up.
  • The nurse or technician will advise you on the aftercare procedures you need to know. They may also recommend further microneedling for acne scars or anti-aging when necessary.


Try microneedling at Distill Laser Clinic

We are confident in the safety and efficacy of microneedling for acne treatment in Toronto. It can also treat other skin problems like stretchmarks, enlarged pores, and sun damage. Book your appointment with us to learn more!

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