Skin Tightening Wrinkle Treatments

Skin Tightening Wrinkle Treatments
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Tighter, Younger-Looking Skin

Laser skin, wrinkle treatment in Toronto

As we age, collagen production in our skin begins to decline. That can leave us with saggy, wrinkled skin that makes us look old and tired. Some of the most affected areas are around the eyes, mouth, and jawline. Some people turn to surgical methods to tighten the skin. While effective, these treatment options can come with a variety of side effects as well as long recovery times.


Non-surgical skin tightening may be as effective, though. These laser-based treatments provide patients with the tighter, younger-looking skin without the cost, pain, and time of invasive methods. While ideal for the face, they can also be effective for other areas of the body suffering from loose and saggy skin. Skin tightening can be an effective treatment for loose skin on the belly after weight loss or pregnancy. Book a complimentary appointment with our team to discuss the right treatment options for tighter skin.

We use a method that combines bi-polar radio frequency (RF) energy with infrared heat to deeply penetrate the layers of the skin. The combination of the heat and the RF energy stimulates the skin’s healing response, activating it on a cellular level. This heating method causes the collagen fibers in the skin to shorten, leading to the production of new fibers and more collagen. Collagen will help plump up the skin and make it appear fuller and smoother. Patients seeking skin tightening treatments will need multiple visits to achieve the best results.


For most patients, we recommend spacing visits out on a monthly basis. Your consultant will discuss the right timeframe with you during your initial consultation.

Distill Laser Clinic uses the Sublime® skin tightening laser. This laser allows us to heat the skin through a minimally invasive treatment to stimulate new collagen growth. The laser also provides a cooling treatment to the top layer of the skin to prevent any damage to the visible layers.


Sublime® is non-invasive, effective, and safe. Patients around the world have used Sublime® on the areas of skin affected by age, gravity, and time. It’s great for patients of all skin types, too, meaning the majority of our patients can enjoy this laser treatment. Many patients see immediate results from their Sublime® skin tightening treatment, too. That makes it a fast and effective way of achieving tighter, healthier-looking skin.

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