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Anyone can develop stretch marks, they can occur when the skin is stretched too far over a very short period of time, leaving visible lines upon the surface of the skin. This can happen during puberty, a period of rapid weight gain or loss, pregnancy, or during a growth spurt. The lighter the colour of the skin, the higher the chances are of getting visible stretch marks.

Laser stretch mark removal works by using Sublative laser technology, it sends short pulses of laser energy into the scar tissue, caused when your skin stretches, thus breaking down this scar tissue while simultaneously stimulating your cells to produce new collagen. Together this smooths the appearance of the skin and reduces discolouration. As you have each treatment the stretch marks will gradually fade away as newer healthier skin replaces it.

Microneedling Stretch Mark Removal

We also utilize mesotherapy and micronneedling to stimulate new, thicker and smoother skin and collagen that greatly minimizes the appearance of stretch marks.

During microneedling, we apply a thin layer of growth factor serum to your skin and gently glide the microneedling pen across the skin until the entire treatment area has been covered. This results in collagen simulation and promotes the breakdown of the stretch mark scar.

NOTE: Individual Results May Vary


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While it can't get rid of stretch marks completely, laser removal may help make striae (stretch marks) smoother, thereby reducing their appearance. Lasers treat stretch marks by destroying the upper layer of skin.

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