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The Red-Carpet Laser Facial
The Red-Carpet Laser Facial
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Stimulate Collagen & Tone

This one hour and a half laser facial exfoliates, tightens, tones, and brightens complexions in a seven-step treatment which includes: diamond microdermabrasion to scrub dead skin cells off the skin’s surface; eTwo Sublime radio frequency device to lift and contour; a laser treatment, of 5,000 pulses, the laser makes its passes approximately 1/2 inch above the skin to stimulate collagen, tone and increase firmness; a gentle chemical peel improving the skin’s color, clarity and texture; a brightening sheet mask, and an LED light therapy, topped off with vitamins and nutrients which are massaged into the skin. This treatment delivers immediate lifting, hydrating, and skin-brightening effects, and the best part about the Red-Carpet Laser Facial is that once you are done getting your glow, there is zero downtime.


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