New technology in laser treatment safely and effectively treats spider veins on the body and face.

Laser light penetrates the skin, raising the temperature of the blood vessel and safely coagulating it. Treated veins gradually shrink and become less visible or disappear altogether. The laser allows for customized treatment of veins, including some of those that do not respond to other treatment methods. Most Patients find the heat sensation from the wavelengths tolerable.

The length of treatment is typically 15 to 20 minutes long. Depending on the severity of the veins, three to five treatments are generally needed for sufficient outcomes at six to eight week intervolve.

NOTE: Individual Results May Vary


What can I expect post-treatment?

The appearance of redness or swelling of the skin occurs immediately post-treatment and generally lasts a few days post-treatment. There may also be some discolouration of the treated area that can last a few weeks. patients are advised to limit sun exposure and use sunscreen for several weeks before and after treatment.

Do spider veins come back after laser treatment?

No, they won't come back however, those who are prone to spider veins may notice the appearance of new vessels due to genetics and lifestyle.

Can I Exercise after laser vein treatment?

You want to avoid strenuous activity such as running and cardio for several days.
Exercising causes a rush of blood through the body. When this happens, veins can become dilated and expand. The expanding causes the veins that were collapsed during treatment to reopen which will cause the painful varicose and spider veins to reappear.

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